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Selby Kaiser and Linda McMorrow of The Legends of Real Estate are proud members of an elite international network of Realtors.  Membership in this network is highly selective and signifies a high level of professionalism, experience, dedication and ability.  The internet has become the primary source for real estate information and referrals and The Legends of Real Estate can offer you broad international exposure for your home that goes beyond the limits of your local or regional real estate company.

Selby and Linda are exclusive members of Barbara Corcoran's Inner Circle.  Barbara is the President and CEO of The Corcoran Group, one of the nation's leading real estate groups and a regular real estate contributor on The Today Show.  This Inner Circle includes many of the world's top real estate agents.  Through this network, Linda and Selby have access to the latest marketing ideas, industry trends and technology and a worldwide online buyer referral network that is second to none.

They are also members of Classic Properties International, one of the most elite property listing publications in the world.  Your home will be showcased to the most affluent buyers in the world and will put you in the arena of the most assertive, trendsetting marketing efforts available.

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