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8777 San Jose Blvd # 903 Jacksonville, FL 32217

Phone: (904) 739-7100 Mobile: (904) 626-8800

Ortega is a beautiful neighborhood located south of downtown Jacksonville on a peninsula off the western bank of the St. Johns River. It is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Jacksonville and is among the wealthiest in the United States, and is the location of many historic homes and buildings including a section of Ortega to the east of 17 and north of Verona Boulevard designated as the Old Ortega Historic District by the National Register of Historic Places.

Ortega is made up of sections with different characteristics. There is the riverfront, with multi-million dollar mansions. Ortega Point has old wood frame and tudor homes surrounding Bettes Park. The historic district has modest wood frame homes dating back to the early 1900s.  Ortega Terrace towards the southern interior of the peninsula has large, stone and brick houses with a mix of styles. There is an extensive park system and many of the local residents set up trusts to help maintain and landscape the parks. Since Ortega is bounded on all sides by water, it is common for residents to be active boaters or yachters, many belonging to nearby Florida Yacht Club or Timuquana Country Club.

Two schools serve Ortega: Ortega Elementary School and St. Mark's Episcopal Day School; many children also attend Stockton Elementary School in nearby Ortega Forest. Many of the neighborhood children walk or ride bikes to school and the neighborhood is characterized by a very strong family-oriented environment.