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St. Johns County

Home to some of the most popular new communities, St. Johns County is a popular choice with homeowners.  From Durbin Crossing, to Julington Creek Plantation to Nocatee, there are many great choices for new homes or resales in these popular communities.  Located just south of Jacksonville, St. Johns County has wide-open spaces, beautiful rivers, beaches and many A-rated schools, which explains the explosive growth rate over the past decade. 

St. Johns County was created in 1821 when Florida was ceded to the United States. The Onis-Adams Treaty was negotiated with Spain by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams. The treaty gave Florida to the US in exchange for withdrawing a $5 million claim against Spain.  Due to the inclusion of prestigious Ponte Vedra Beach, it is now one of the highest-income counties in the United States.

St. Johns County is home to some extremely desirable established neighborhoods and areas including Fruit Cove, Switzerland, St. Johns, St. Augustine, Palm Valley, Ponte Vedra Beach, Sawgrass, Marsh Landing and more.

An incredible lifestyle is all around you with so many things to do and see: beaches, rivers, waterways, sports, shopping, dining, hiking, camping, shopping, golf, tennis and much more.